Horse Pictographs in Small

Single Rider, 5×7 Acrylic on page book (framed 8×10)
Single Rider Buffalo Hunt, 5×7 Acrylic on page book (framed 8×10)

After receiving a dozen refusals by silence and “thank you, but no thank you,” from galleries and exhibitions, someone has said yes.

When you find a gallery that understands your work

“Yes” is a blessing of affirmation

I was in Victoria, meeting with representatives from the Anglican Diocese of BC regarding a proposed exhibit and event that will offer dialogue about healing from the impact of colonization (residential schools in particular) through paintings, speech and traditional cleansing songs–planning for April 2013.

When applying for a grant as an Indigenous artist, the consultant suggested I make to a few art galleries.

The day before, I’d gone to Opus art supply store and the employee there told me how I should present my pictographs for sale.  She was great–giving me that look that says,

“Come on now, you want to make a good first impression.”

She was one of the framers–and she framed that thought perfectly.

Underneath my desire to sell was this fear.

If I let people into my private soul, they will desecrate the temple.

Healing from childhood is an on-going process.  And always worth the time and effort.
So, here are two pieces of six or eight that will hang in the Eclectic Gallery’s showing of “small” from early November 2012 to mid January 2013.