I’m a teacher, artist, psychotherapist and spiritual director. My approach to all services comes from the Northwest Coast Feast Hall, Buddhist teachings, and the teachings of Christ and is founded on relationship with self, the Supernatural and others. My methodology is grounded in the primary need to be heard and understood without judgement — respect for others and self.

My work is deeply rooted in Indigenous healing principles on the northwest coast of British Columbia where art and social relationships continue to have a strong presence in society through the Feast Hall. I practice the discipline of awakening and healing through the power of personal life stories and work from the wealth of spiritual and academic teachers from diverse traditions. Art and art-based contemplation play a large role in my practice.


Featuring my work, where each piece invited me to consider hue, value, intensity, perspective and meaning.


Explore various arts-based modes of inquiry in workshops suitable for individual practice or for use in small or large group settings.




Facilitation of small and large group dialogue on “right relations” from a spiritual perspective.


Individual and small group Spiritual Direction for self-inquiry and social investigation.


Skills include program & curriculum development, program evaluation and community relations.


Topics include: language and meaning, spiritual teachings and Indigenous perspectives, trauma and healing, spiritual transformation.


In addition to creating work available for gallery exhibits, I offer individual and small group facilitation of techniques such as image transfer, zines, collage and mask making to explore personal and cultural resources, conditioning and beliefs. See WORKSHOPS for details.


Psychotherapist services are integrated into all services and include Somatic wisdom, the intellect of emotion, family dynamics, the nature of conditioning, healing from trauma and generational knowledge.



Dr. Patricia Vickers’ workshop at Our Place Society brought together a diverse group of people in a caring, respectful, and inclusive way. Her ability to humbly co-create the presentation with the group was very thoughtful and well-paced; she educated through her response within group engagement rather than using a structured, timed format. Dr. Vickers was genuinely interested in listening to people’s stories and gently engaged them in self-discovery and awakening. She has a soft, but powerful manner that commands and respects. It was a valuable experience on many levels and was much more than staff training.

Le-Ann Dolan
Director of Operations, Our Place Society, Victoria BC

I have presented with Dr. Vickers in academic and public settings. She brings groups and individuals to reconciliation with intelligence, emotional balance, and spiritual sensitivity. She works with the tools of Ayaawx, the natural teachings which are the strength of First Nations. 

The Reverend Dr. Martin Brokenleg

Patricia carefully weaves Indigenous knowledge and the teachings of Christ in a way that leads to profound personal contemplation. A gifted spiritual director, and a vulnerable companion too.

Steve Heinrichs
Director, Indigenous Relations Mennonite Church Canada
self-inquiry through art


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