“Be Still”

I am grateful for sacred text. 
“Be still and know”

To relax my hands and be seated at a deep place that is neither here nor there.  Where I’m not planning or scheming.  There’s no intention to get or be gotten.  Quietness and stillness.  Waiting and listening.  One can learn these ways of being through the sweat and fasting lodges or as a witness or host in the feast hall as one listens and watches. 

With technology enabling us to visit many places and people within 24 hours to get a hit for a rush of intellect, emotion, sex, a rush of pleasure for self gratitude–it all counters being quiet and still.

Psalm 46: 10  “Be still and know that I am God…”  The All Powerful One.  Indescribable presence.  Divine Intervention.  Not religious stuff and dogma.  No rigidity here.  There is relief knowing that the distortion and self-deception can be transformed to understanding and love.  That is what I desire. 
Let this be my desire. 
Surrender to stillness and knowing. 
A knowing that is about surrender and emptying, a knowing that is cellular and brings about peace.  Peace and stillness to you and your loved ones.