Your Own Particular Path

Don’t try to catch up and keep step.  Yell cheerio across the fields, but stick to your own particular path, be it paved or grassed, or just plain old dirt.  It’s your path and suits your make of boots.
–Emily Carr (Hundreds and Thousands)

I was a Keynote Speaker at the CAPC conference in Terrace and took advantage of being in the north to see family.  Today my flight was delayed from Terrace to Vancouver by 9 hours.  I phoned my friend Joan Conway and asked if she would allow me to be a part of her afternoon and she was game.  The view of the Skeena Valley mountains from the Terrace airport is spectacular but I really wanted to make a connection with a two-legged.

At one point, we took her dog for a walk through the woods.

the pathway strewn with leaves the sun, rain, and wind had coaxed and pulled from the branches
the smell of sweet decay
one season ended and another one beginning
the pathway opened to sunlight on the mountains and the Skeena River
inhale and exhale united as we stood looking through a portal toward river mountain and sky
the naked rocks of the mountains were defined by the pale blue sky
the pale blue sky defined by the naked rock of the mountains

Joan has built her art studio and has started to offer classes that help others get comfortable with words and painting as ways to communicate with others.  She is on her own particular path.

I’m preparing to move my belongings that have been in storage for the past 15 months while I’ve been learning to live life trusting the process.  It is a transition.  One season is ending and another is emerging.  I’m walking my own particular path and spending time with family and friends during this time of transition.