For me, art is a medicine. It is an opportunity to convey hope, truth, love, compassion and other attributes of living the good, true and beautiful.

— Patricia June Vickers

The intention of each workshop is to assist the process of inner exploration with individuals, or small or large groups. In the workshops, the elements of art — line, shape, colour, texture and value — will be considered by way of  an overview before creating the piece. These elements will also be a reference for self-evaluation of the completed expression.


When choosing to understand self or another there is a simple process. Let go of judgment, attachments to perceptions and past experiences. Wait for the truth to emerge because it will.


The intention of this workshop is to assist individuals and groups to express inner and/or outer realities. Oftentimes individuals are conditioned to accept a particular way of thinking about self and others. Through collage, there is an opportunity to explore this conditioning and to see how it molds and shapes thought. For freedom rather than conclusion.


There are many things that can be said with hue, shape, form and placement. Whether religious icons, Indigenous mythological figures or photos of self, the purpose of this workshop is to assist with expression of self with past, present or future experiences that restore balance and hope.


With a selection of fibre, paper, transfers and paint this workshop is intended to provide an opportunity to explore texture and placement to express inner experiences. Expressing  inner conversations, thoughts, and emotions and having the opportunity to see them on paper can be good medicine that offers understanding and acceptance.