A Prayer for Freedom 10″x7″ mixed media on gesso primed magazine paper

Everyone has experienced loss, misunderstanding, neglect and sharp words and/or actions against the self as children in a family.  Unconsciously, we store these experiences up in our memory “bank.” The emotional response to disrespect as children may be shame and pain.  Without teachings of respect and caregiver understanding and love, to refute the disrespect, eventually resentment forms roots as a distorted counter-response to disrespect. 

As adults, a response to a current disrespectful experience may trigger the childhood experience.  Repeated disrespect in childhood, results in layers of calcified resentment.

What clears away the calcification of resentment?
A seed of willingness and want for freedom.  One comes to understand that it isn’t the self that brings about freedom but a Greater force, the Great Unknown.  Change is not managed.  Change is not brought about by an individual or the collective.  True change happens within the individual and is an act of the Supernatural.  And the freedom that forgiveness brings restores innocence and sacredness of soul.