THROUGH THE OPENING: tea bags and mixed media

Through the Opening 12″x9″ mixed media on paper

In Tsimshian sacred stories, stories of the relationship between humans and the supernatural, there is an opening into the supernatural world.  One passes from one realm to the other.  Sometimes an opening in the sky,  other times a whirlpool in the ocean.

Lately, my youngest son was speaking to me of my unjust parental behaviour and I watched myself as I attempted to rationalize my way out of it.  I felt guilty.  After he left, I went into the discomfort. There, in the past, were memories of the rage that came from self-loathing and a deep sense of powerlessness.  He was right.  Nothing can justify the injustice and nothing can change it.

Once one tells the truth, like the ancient ones, there is a passing through a narrow opening, passing from chaos to stillness.  And there in the place of the supernatural one sees to deny truth is to deny the transformative power of grace.
First layer is raw umber on the lower 2/3 and titanium buff on the top 1/3.  Teabags were adhered to the first layer and then layers of burnt umber, yellow ochre, titanium white & buff and panpastels.