THOUGHT IS ACTION: medicine pouch

MEDICINE POUCH  Acrylic paint on Cotton/Polyester Batiste

With a missionary mother and Indigenous father, there were two worlds in our home that were deeply educational.  I remember my mother telling me that her father told her that one must be very careful with what they look at, listen to and read, he told her that everything leaves an impact, an impression.
Lately I’ve been observing thoughts of myself, others and circumstances.  I’ve noticed how thought proceeds physical action.  In childhood, it was our physical action and our words that were disciplined but my inner world I thought belonged to me, not understanding that thoughts stemmed from a deeper place that needed love, acceptance and compassion.

Christ said lust (desire, want) from the heart is action: to think is action.  Through land-based ceremony one often is seated with their thoughts, learning to let go of them and to connect with the deeper medicine.  Goodness teachings from Nature’s medicine pouch.
Acrylic paint and sparkle mod podge on cotton/poly batiste with serged edges.  Embellished with a feather from Northern Flicker, silk ribbon and a brass bell from India