THOUGHT AND ATTACHMENT: paint horse mixed media

SCOUT 12″ x 9″ mixed media on paper

“–because the word is not the thing, the description is not the described–to see if there is something real, not an imagination, not something illusory, fanciful, not myth but a reality that can never be destroyed, a truth that is abiding?” (J. Krishnamurti, This Light in Oneself: True Meditation)

There are times my mind, thought, goes back to when I was given the gift of going to ride Scout on weekends for a full year.  Just the two of us going up Mount Douglas and around the mountain, exploring the pathways and sometimes down to the beach.  As I now remember, it was sacred time.  He was my transporter to another world, another way of being that brought relief from sorrow and sadness.

The memory is not the real thing, the real experience.  At one time I was attached to the experience until the experience itself taught me to let go.  The relationship with the paint horse gave the sacred gift of love.  Something that is timeless, a place where thought has no significance only peace, peace that is with me today as a transporter to the other side where wisdom, compassion, kindness and beauty are uncontrived, a natural outcome or byproduct.

The painting combines Golden moulding paste, Golden Heavy Body Acrylics and charcoal and pastel to highlight.