We all have roles that were given to us in our families of origin.  There is a great sense of satisfaction when we can let the role go and find our true authentic self.  Letting go requires first that we go into it, that we inquire deeply into our experiences, the experiences of our parents and our siblings–without judgement,without resentment or the need for revenge.

OWL DREAMS  8″x10″  Mixed Media on canvas board

We have times in childhood when we simply want to forget the hurting.  As children, we don’t have the maturity to understand that when one is at peace, the hurting of others has nothing to do with who we are or why we exist, when we understand this truth, all experiences are woven together to create a wondrous robe…in owl dreams.

RAVEN LIGHT 8″x10″ Mixed Media on canvas board

Carry me on your wings raven who brought light to the world.  Transform thought patterns formed and wired to the memory of hurting from childhood experiences.  Freedom is on the wings of transformation that creates the space we need to expand beyond the memory of the past.  Memory, through transformation becomes wisdom.

OUR FATHERS  8″x10″  Mixed Media on canvas board

When we can let go of wanting to be wanted by our parents, like a bird, we can hold the memories gently and tenderly.  We come to understand that wanting things to be different only brings suffering. Freedom from suffering comes not only through understanding and acceptance, the greatest relief comes through Divine Intervention.  The Supernatural with wings of grace, carries us to where we need to be to forgive and love.

INTO FLIGHT  8″x10″  Mixed Media on canvas board

The big trick — the trick that is magic comes when we realize that the past is the past, and the script is a part of our life that informs us, rather than finding ourselves shackled to the past…it is with the realization that our script can become the wings that set us into flight.  Acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, gentleness, humility, love, joy, peace are gifts of the Divine creating the space necessary to fly.