RESILIENCY collage technique

Beyond Schooling 15″x11″ mixed media on watercolour paper

I went through LENS therapy with good colleagues in the summer of 2017 to retrieve memory–I had dissociative amnesia.  Before the neurofeedback treatments, I did not make sense to myself and I was unable to access fully the wonder of how I survived horror and terror.  Whether you have complete memory or only bits and pieces, it is not an easy task to pick up the lens of resiliency.  To see with clarity the beauty of how the human soul survives atrocities is to see your resiliency.  We are truly beautifully and wondrously made.

I’ve had the privilege of meeting survivors of Indian Residential School.  My father and his mother were two who had survived that historical experience.  The more I learn about the Indian Residential schools and the atrocities that took place in them,  the greater the understanding of the suffering state we find ourselves in today.  What helps one come out of the shame of past experiences is understanding.  And from understanding the willingness to forgive and from forgiveness wisdom.  May we all connect with the resiliency of truth, mercy and grace.

scraps of paper
image transfer
acrylic paint
acrylic medium

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