“Regret & Loneliness” 5.5×8.5 Acrylic on acid free sketch pad paper

Regret is a strain of unforgiveness.  A virus in the mind.
How does one heal from the virus of regret and unforgiveness?  The only way is through the act of dying.
In 12-step programs, they speak of dying to the addiction.  Dying to acting on the impulse.  The impulse is there because of conditioning.  Conditioning from childhood, conditioning from repeated action on impulse and conditioning from the human stream of consciousness.  One must let go of the attachment of the desire to change it, the wanting and craving for the past to be something other than what it was.
As a mother of adult children, one can see that holding onto the past with a desire to change it is insanity.  This way of thinking and behaving will only intensify loneliness and alienate the parent from the adult child.  Forgiving self is dying to the failures of the past.  Letting go of the failings of the past so the past and the present can co-exist in perfect freedom.