Reflection and Reality

On my walk today, I crossed over the gorge and it was calm without a wind.  Reflected in the afternoon light on the surface of the water was the clouded sky.  The sight was appealing.  I thought about how the clouds are also water.  There was water in the air reflected on the surface of saltwater.  I wondered about how there appeared to be no in-between in the reflection.  In the reflection, it is water in the sky on saltwater.  Then I wondered where I existed.  If I looked over the edge, then it would be my reflection and I would not see the clouds that were above my head.
Sometimes art is like that.  Waiting for the ideas, the inspiration, the voice that summons me from anxiety to create.  I wonder where I exist.  Is my mind canceling out the inspiration? 

And then, as I continued across the bridge I had this thought: I exist in the between.  The reflection is also the reality.  It is already inside of me.  Both the reflection and the reality.  Reflection and reality exist inside each one of us.  Reflection, surface and depth.  Inspiration, creativity, fear and hope. 

Begonia greeting card, Mixed Media
Lily greeting card, Mixed Media