RAY MCKINNON & PSALM 124:7: collage

SOUL IS ESCAPED 12″x9″ Mixed Media on paper

Ray McKinnon’s character, Daniel, in the SundanceTV “Rectify” has made statements that one with abuse in childhood can step into.  Violence.  How one can be under layers of shell and armor and not know they live life from a cell, a cage, a snare.

To escape from such a reality if only for a moment, one has the ability to see beauty and in seeing, one experiences it in their heart, their soul.  The armor, the cage does not exist in that moment.  The good that exists in every soul IS that beauty, that freedom if only for a moment, a long moment or a brief moment.  

Meditation helps one to escape from the snare by dying, by letting go of the compulsion to return violence with violence.  Especially in the mind where the seed of action is born.  One sits in meditation to free the mind and in freeing the mind–the heart and soul–to live with compassionate action. First toward self.