Prayers from Open Hearts  12″x9″ Mixed Media on paper
Witnesses in the Big House with open hands give their heart, their strength and beauty to the dancer while vibration from the songs carry us all to that place of perfection and completeness, that place of unity.
From inner rooms of monstrosity in brick, after defilement, after degradation, after banishment–in great darkness they prayed.  They lay, kneeled, and stood, shaking quietly, their sound waves as light push darkness from banishment transporting them to another world, a world of supernatural beings.  Winged ones, finned ones, four-legged ones, crawling ones, all guardians of mystery.

From the very beak of Txamsem in raven form, from blackness comes the light.  See it?  As such a light is never extinguished, their prayers from there and then are our strength here and now.