Praise and Blame Fame and Defame Gain and Loss Happiness and Pain

These are the eight worldly conditions as identified by the Buddha. 
I’m not a practicing Buddhist, however, I appreciate deeply the manner in which they break concepts down to simple, fundamental form.  And I’ve taken time to study their teachings regarding meditation, the four noble truths, and other fundamentals of living as a human.  As an Indigenous person and one who was raised with the teachings of Christ–sometimes emphasized with a belt, extension cord or coat hanger–somehow the supernatural in grace came through the childhood years. 

The past 15 months of learning to trust the process have been about learning to see and live in a more relaxed state.

One of the eight worldly conditions, praise-blame, was taught to me by a family member.  One day I was praised for the insights and the ability to respond in a more loving manner and the very next day I was blamed for the wrongdoings of the past.  It was a painful lesson.  After many days of crying out to God, gratitude found its way from the beauty of the land that surrounded me, the love that reached to touch my brow and from the assurance that I was not alone in my suffering.  The saving light of gratitude changed the suffering to peace.