“Holding no Perception” 14″x11″ Mixed Media on Canvas 

I’ve been appreciating the teachings of J. Krishnamurti, in the book, Freedom Love and Action.  I was struck by what he said about thought.  Murti says that thought destroys Love.  The mind is constantly working things, manipulating, restructuring.  Distorting.

One of the gifts of ceremony is it creates an opening to the place where there is no perception or thought, where the mind stops perceiving and enters stillness.  In the heat, intense heat with the ancestors glowing red in the centre of the lodge, there is a deep stillness, a quietness.  Sometimes it takes two rounds to make it to the place where the heat ceases, discomfort ceases, and there is a presence in the stillness– an energy as a light that glows from the embers of fire.  Indefinable.  It heats the mind and heart.  In that calm stillness, the mind and heart are renewed.  Sacred innocence.