Movement and Tango

Last week I was at a practica.  We divided up into small groups of four and one couple danced while the other two watched to give constructive feedback.  I was experimenting with a different embrace and feeling self-conscious.  Tango is art in motion.  My favorite professional dancers are those who move with grace, are grounded and express the music with timely embellishments.  For those inspiring dancers, the embellishment seems to come from the concealed places of the soul.  Just for a moment they show their beauty for anyone to witness.

I’ve been dancing for three years and know that art is something you never truly master. The feedback for me was a comment on the stiffness of my lower back.  I felt myself freeze slightly at the feedback.  Something inside closed and I didn’t understand my response.  When unconscious movement happens for me, I know further investigation is necessary.

The rigidity was not only in my lower back but in my entire pelvic region.  Childhood shows itself in our physical, emotional and mental movement.  Trauma is stored at a cellular level until we consciously choose to release the energy to accept a new way of being.  Another name for this process is “healing.”  Relationships are an opportunity for healing.  May healing be a part of the lives of all.