MEMORY 9×12 Mixed Media on Canson Mix Media acid free paper

I’ve come to understand that memory is simply thought.  Thought that can find its way down the same trail in the brain with slight variations.  Memory and thought that takes one to immobility, fight against self for mistakes, for wrong choices for words said that dilute human worth.  Thought can be paralyzing.  Is it simply thought?  There is a spiritual element to it all.  To both memory and thought. 

“The Secret” teachers say that if we think it, if we intend it, we create it.  Looking into the mirror to affirm self IS a shape shifting practice–don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.  Really look into the mirror to tell yourself that you love, respect and trust yourself. 

Thought and memory together are about something that is in the past–an event that is over.  Letting go of the self-defeating power of both thought and memory is the skill I want to shape.  To live in today is very simple.  Memory and thought can support today.  To somehow integrate the love my parents DID give is a good thought.  Love does not need to be directed.  Love does all that needs to be done.  It is an energy force, a transformative power.  An energy that seeps through thought and memory, it knows no barriers or boundaries.  An eternal spiritual energy force.