Life is what happens when…

The John Lennon song about how we can physically be here but a part of me is somewhere else.  In spiritual healing combined with psychotherapy, the goal is to bring the two together.

My younger brother laughed when I did something that could be interpreted as bringing back to life an old critical part of me.  Like flipping the switch of the flashlight to shine into the darkness, there was the angry bullying girl.  A flood of shame washed over me.

Living yesterday into today.

Meditation practise has taught me to continue to observe without judgement, not to panic, and to bring to the conscious mind the reality of the past.  Ugh!  challenging work BUT more than worthwhile–the act of beauty that makes us human beings.  The child had reason to be angry and that was her way of protecting herself. 

The plan then is to be in the moment.  To experience whatever it is that is triggered and to bring peace and love to whatever the light shines onto.  The beauty and joy is to be able to invite my siblings and you into that space where, as a child, I was alone.  Together in the light.