LESSON IS ALWAYS CLOSE: Image Transfer mixed media

Sweat Lodge Stillness, 12″x9″ mixed media on 90lb acid free paper

Working to see the lesson with the heart requires stillness.  I was speaking with a friend who is a Sweat Lodge Keeper and told him: 

I’m working to find the lesson, not with my head but with my heart.  It feels close, but I can’t seem to find it.

He said:
The lesson is always close.

The lesson is always close.

Opening the heart for the lesson is a conscious, intentional act.  The answer came through the dark stillness of the Sweat Lodge.
First layer i. gesso and then ii. painted with titanium white and unbleached titanium, and then iii. image transfer of book pages and the Sacred Mother and Child.  Bits and pieces of tea bags, scraps from the edges of the image transfer and molding paste with odds and ends to create under layer patterns. Gesso, Acrylic paint and Farb-Riesen color-giants.