Keep the Fire Burning

Last month my third grandchild was born.  A girl from my daughter.  There is a silver and gold thread that joins us newborn mother grandmother great grandmother great great grandmother.  I am a point on the thread.
This past year with the majority of my belongings in storage, I’ve been learning to listen to the Creator.  The practise of discernment is an act of patience and faith.  My mustard seed has broken the surface.  This morning there was a discussion with a relative about believing the Bible and the arguments that its written by men and we don’t have all the information.  There will always be controversy about printed word.  The Bible is more than printed word to me.  The Spirit exists in the words and like our poles and our sacred stories, the word comes alive and guides me along the way to learn to love and forgive.
The card above, “Keep the fire burning” is a saying from Gitxsan Chief Mary Johnson.  The fire of love, forgiveness, understanding, wisdom, courage, kindness, gentleness…