Love and Compassion, 5″x8″ Mixed Media on primed book page

Only the intelligence of love and compassion can solve the problems of life.  Tat intelligence is the only instrument that can never become dull.”  Jiddu Krishnamurti

As a scholar, I’ve been conditioned to think of intelligence as action founded on thought.

But Krishnamurti identifies intelligence as something beyond the mind, emotion, instinct and intuition.  In ceremonial ways we would say it is the dissolution of the barrier between the natural and supernatural worlds.  It is the action that comes from the Sacred line that is simultaneously internal and external.  The Sacred line of heart, soul, mind being congruent with behaviour and the community aligning with the stones, fire and lodge.

When we act from this place of intelligence we are not self-conscious–instead, our consciousness is at once, with the natural and supernatural worlds and we are aware that the Greater Good is alive and with us.