Insight and child wisdom

From my Mac Dictionary:

the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing: this paper is alive with sympathetic insight into Shakespeare.”

Generational history is more than one cog in the wheel of life.  The cyclic nature of violence can be primary to a person’s mental health.  But it isn’t just mental health.  At the confluence of a human being where the heart, spirit and soul meet is the life source or the single flame.  And it is at the life source where change can happen.  So the brain still holds its neural pathways (beliefs and survival behaviours in connection with the physiological response to threat), and the life source is connected to the spirit world where eternal power exists.

Our old beliefs, or beliefs from childhood are the log jams in life.  When we let the river flow from the eternal source of love, a new thought pathway is created and I think the new thought pathway is closer to the one we had when we were children.  When we were children there was something in nature that we could escape into for solace.  I believe when we connect with the eternal source of love, we reconnect with the wisdom of the child.