Illuminate Illusion:1-3/12

ILLUSION (1/12): 5″x8″ Mixed Media on page book
HIS OBSESSION(2/12): 5″x8″ Mixed Media on page book
CONCLUDE(3/12): 5″x8″ Mixed Media on page book

When things don’t go right in a relationship, what is the immediate response?  The defense mechanisms relate to childhood history and the threat that existed there.  If it was ongoing, the trauma was ongoing, and the nervous system–in order to protect self, did what it needed to do to prepare for fight, flight or freeze.

When there has been betrayal of an agreement in a relationship, anger, blame, resentment and revenge are natural human responses.  But none of these responses, although the feeling of power may be evident, it is a fleeting experience and none of these reactions bring freedom.  What brings freedom from suffering?  Going into it, dying to the vengeful response, searching for the truth, the frayed edges, the sharp edges of truth.  Don’t stop until your dive into the depths finds the sediment of love at the bottom of the layers.

This series of paintings is about diving into the depths, identifying vengeful reactions and passing them.