Illuminate Illusion: 4-6/12

BEING(4/12): 5″x8″ Mixed Media on page book
EXPERIENCE(5/12): 5″x8″ Mixed Media on page book 
ILLUMINATE(6/12): 5″x8″ Mixed Media on page book

When either in the Sweat Lodge or Fasting Lodge, we have crossed over to the other side where the supernatural brings our mind, body and soul into its sacred territory.  When we’ve passed through the blame and resentment of our hurting, when we see that it is our ego, our pride, our identity that was struck, we are approaching the boarder of the self world and the supernatural world.  Entering the supernatural world, our hurting from the sting is a raindrop falling from the sky into a puddle, a river, the ocean–it is all a part of something larger–a small incident in something much larger than you or I, then we are ready for the illumination.

Illumination is the entry into the supernatural world.

May you be at this place.  The place of illumination–Divine Intervention.