“Rootedly in Flight” 5.5″x8.5″ Mixed Media on acid free journal paper

“…but some part of me I can’t get rid of always thinks if I’m not the smartest, if I’m not the first, everywhere I go, they’ll figure out I’m not supposed to be here.  They’ll send me back.”

(House M.D. Season 3, Episode 20 “House Training”.)

I’ve been spending time watching House M.D. and the writer for this episode summarized it beautifully.

The image I’ve painted is a Great Blue Heron and the trunk of a Cedar tree.  We all live with the past and the present, with two realities.  For some, the past continues to steer the mind in relationships in the present.  The freeze, fight, flight response to trauma–or the memory of trauma can create a train of relationship patterns that create and re-create suffering.  In meditation, we go into the discomfort, the suffering, the fear, we go into it rather than attempting to fool ourselves that we can change the past or escape from it.  We go in to see, not to change or judge or justify but simply to see.  To see with compassion, a willingness to forgive–forgiveness is dying to the pain of the past.  Then, one can sing a song of freedom while rootedly in flight.  May this be so.