Hindsight without Conclusion

Hindsight: perception of the nature of an event after it has happened 

Looking back she sees: 9×12 mixed media on acid free Canson mix media pad


My mother was trained as a missionary and my fathers’ parents were from two different Indigenous nations on the coast.  It was an interesting childhood.  Suffering and wisdom lived together under the same roof. There was time spent rebelling against the system, against hypocrisy, against duality, against against against…The anger energy expended from the fight threat response has brought about a sense of limitations rather than an ever expanding appreciation, love and gratitude for life.  

Hindsight can be an inquiry rather than a conclusion. When one looks back to see anger, judgement, wrongdoing, self-deception, grandiosity, jealousy, self-degredation…when one looks back, they simply look back.  Why does one look back?  To inquire?  To inquire is to look and see without judgement, without conclusion, without rationalization, without without

It is overcast today and the sun is working to push its way through the layers.  The light that shone in the mind of the child who sat behind her brother as he rode a bicycle for the first time, the light that shone in the boys mind that listened to the stories of his grandfather–stories of the trap line and fishing stories of mistakes and lessons learned, stories of the supernatural that helps one to see and to see clearly.  To find that in this seeing, time and life have a different existence.  Love and forgiveness is the lens of seeing that takes one outside of self where space is ever expanding.