FROM STILLNESS: Panpastel mixed media on book pages

Deer Dreams 7.5″x5″ Mixed media on book page

There are supernatural ones that help us.  Help us to die many deaths while in this life time.  Their presence sometimes felt through emotions or sensing when one is still.

Bird Helmet Dream 7.5″x5″ mixed media on book page

The supernatural help us to come to the place of stillness, of silence where there is space and emptiness.  And in that stillness there is great peace.  The mind is silent, empty.  No contradictions, no clutter or chaos only the silence as the surface of water or the centre of fire.

Holding the Feather Dream 7.5″x5″ mixed media on book page

One must be open to the stillness, to the silence.  While seated alone, on the sky train, walking on the street, waiting for the bus.  There is no judgement of self or the other in the stillness and silence.  And there is freedom in such stillness.  I am grateful for the helpers.

Book page is primed with gesso, one layer of watercolour for the base colour, sketch the supernatural on the first layer of colour with Farb-Riese color giant pencils and finally the panpastels.