“Clinging” 9×12 mixed media on acid free Canson Mix Media pad

“The truth makes us free” that is what is written in the sacred scriptures. 

Clinging to the leg of freedom is the conditioned mind, distortion, and the intention to “be” the one in control.  The self-centred it’s me me me me–it is ALL about me.  This me that is dependent on the adoration of others and has developed from suffering in childhood.  This me works to take past or immediate suffering to be in control.  Sometimes the intention to be in control is overpowering, sometimes seductive, sometimes small with claws and nails that dig into the flesh of freedom.

Freedom has his eyes on something much greater than the immediate, greater than the sum of the present or past.  Freedom is a momentary experience that assists with creating space.  And in the space created is love.  That is a worthy goal.  To learn to “be in” love.