Fabrice Moireau

5×7 Mixed Media on 140lb watercolour paper

 I bought the book “Diary of a Rose Lover” by Henri Delbard about eight years ago.  The title reminded me of my mother who helped me to create my first rose garden.  The combinations of script font, watercolour paintings and sketches create intimacy.  

I adore how Delbard relates roses to colour theory.  And he educates the reader to the “olfactory landscape of the rose”  He makes everything so simple.

I was visiting with another artist who lives in the interior of British Columbia and she suggested that I take a break from my intense subject matter and think of painting flowers for a while.

Well, my way of thinking was, if I’m going to paint something, anything, it needs to be not only a journey that takes me somewhere valuable but it also needs to be enjoyable.

5×7 Mixed Media on 140lb watercolour paper
5×7 Mixed Media on 140lb watercolour paper

By the time I made it to this painting.  I’d run out of energy.  This one remained unfinished until today.  Today, I decided I was going to finish this study.  And working on this one was inspired by Fabrice Moireau.


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