“Vital Concern” Acrylic Paint on 100% cotton man’s shirt

The eyes of your understanding being enlightened –Ephesians 1:18

It takes suffering and the desire and will to learn to love to bring one to a place of freedom.  When one is with a sibling or family member where there is history with suffering–in that relationship– there lies abundance.

This past month has been about this sacred text from Ephesians.  Coming to know through experience, that our understanding has eyes.
One moment
in a struggle to see
to understand
desiring to love rather than judge
as the sun breaks through after a thunderstorm
one sees with the eyes of understanding
communing with the Sacred

Understanding that resentment in a moment of time is wanting the other to revise the past–value me rather than reject me.  Desiring love rather than shame:to change memory.  Understanding that in the present moment, one opens the heart to the eternal force of love for self and the other.  When we see from the deep place within the self–the vital place–seeing with understanding that shifts the shape of suffering, this is enlightenment.  This is the light shining so one can see from the heart.  Understanding and acceptance embrace.

May the eyes of your understanding be opened to the vitality of love.

“The vital concern is not where a people came from physically but where they are going spiritually.” –Ella Deloria, Speaking of Indians