Embroidered fabric–Salvation Army Thrift Store

Throughout the past 28 months there has been an emptying of personal and professional abilities. 

Anything that seemed to be a skill, something to move ahead with to increase financial wealth, has been emptied–dissolved. 

This emptying is a rhythm cycle in life and we encounter it many times throughout life, but it seems we tend to be unconscious of this natural rhythm.  There wasn’t a teacher to tell me this fact when in young adulthood. 

The not knowing, the unknown was somewhere one wasn’t suppose to be.  You had to know what you were going to do professionally.  When these times of not knowing, these times of being emptied are vital times, not times to be ashamed of.  From the emptying, space is created.  In the emptiness one can see anger, envy, greed, hatred, resentment and any other non-hospitable, corrosive energy.

The black background, the space, assists with bringing forward the beauty of the embroidered flowers.  The garden becomes apparent because of the space–the emptiness.  Goodness in the emptiness is recognized with gratitude…May our internal gardens be ones of peace, wisdom, compassion, kindness and love.  May we all embrace times of being emptied with gratitude and confidence that goodness is the able conductor of the rhythmic cycle of emptying