Distortion feeds Distortion 9×12 mix media on Canson mix media pad

Distortion: “the action of giving a misleading account or impression

An action of giving misleading information–accounting attributes to self or another that don’t actually exist.  Feeding self inaccurate information–falsifying reality–deceiving oneself. . .

It starts in childhood.  Watching father head out the door saying he’s going to get a hair cut when the 11 year old can tell by the muscle tone in his face and his body movement that he’s definitely not going for a hair cut and furthermore, he’ll be home late and intoxicated.  Maybe intoxicated to the point where she’ll wake up and help him take off his shoes and coat.  She’ll wake up because her mother was pacing the floors and she’ll be grateful that he made it home safely.  Distorting what is actual started in childhood.

The sun is shining today.  Summer has decided she will leave with grace and beauty.  Last night the crows showed up on the roof of the apartment next to mine.  They looked into my window but weren’t that interested in me or what I was doing.  The only thing they would have been interested in was food.  This morning when I went to open the balcony door they’d left me a gift.  There was a small cone from one of the local coniferous trees lying close to the railing.  It is still there. A cone holding many seeds of promise.

I haven’t always been good at recognizing self-deception.  But I’m learning.  The important factor in recognizing self-distortion is to let go.  Let go of self-judgement and judgement of the other.  Let go and keep letting go.  Until one is empty.

The light that raven brought into the world isn’t simply from the sun that shines this morning
it is also the spiritual light
that helps us
to see distortion.