DISSOCIATIVE AMNESIA: raven transformation

RAVEN TRANSFORMATION 8.5″x5.5″ mixed media on 98lb Canson mixed media paper

My first encounter with excellent therapy was at “The Meadows Treatment Centre” in Wickenburg, Arizona in 1991.  I was a young mother at the time.  Since then, I’ve been to psychotherapists and psychologists who’ve suggested it is best to leave well enough alone.  For the past seven years I’ve slowly been studying trauma through training with Somatic Experiencing Institute founded by Peter Levine.  And I am reading and have read work that I appreciate and respect by Bessel van der Kolk and Gabor Maté.  All three of these professionals counter what I have been told for twenty six years–to dismiss what I cannot remember.  The dissociative amnesia is a partial forgetting.  There are traumatic events of rape from childhood that I remember clearly.  I’ve started neurotherapy/neurofeedback to recall those events that I’ve unconsciously blocked.  

In the 12-step program they say, “What you resist persists.”  But what if you don’t know that you’re resisting?  What if the resistance is under layers of forgetting.  It takes supernatural power of raven to bring back courage and hope (light) to the brain.  To remember that soulful, courageous part of our child-self and to go down through the layers to embrace the buried resistance.
May we all find that sacred self that has an unhindered line to the supernatural.

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