CONTEMPLATION: tea bags and tea tags

CONTEMPLATION 12″x9″ Mixed Media on 90lb acid free paper

I’ve used acrylic paint, pastel and hard molding paste to write a script into the base and paint over it.

When one lets go of the compulsion to control the pathway of thought, there is an opening, a fine line to truth.  In letting go of mental constructs of who I am and who the other is, what the world is about, or the incident from the other month or year, there is a great possibility.  Space is created to dialogue with the Great Unknown.

This way of contemplation, is a place where prayer and listening meet, a place that sets one completely adrift into the unknown.  But there is a line.  There is a fine line with flag markers on it.  One travels into that world of the Great Unknown and then journeys back again–with markers, with reminders of the encounter and conversation with hope, life, light and goodness.  The Supernatural encounter always gifts with spiritual principles of life and light for one to take back to family, friends and community.