COMPASSIONATE HEALING: Crystal Neubauer and Jim Finley

Intersection of Vertical & Horizontal I  (3 pieces) 
Dated  (5 minutes)

Intersection of Vertical & Horizontal II  (3 pieces)
Intersection  (5 minutes) 

 I spent the past few days listening to Jim Finley’s recorded talks and discussions on Transforming Trauma while creating small 5.5″x5″ collage exercises recommended and demonstrated by Crystal Neubauer.  The two exercises that I chose were the 5 minute exercise where I lay out the pieces and glue them on the watercolour paper in 5 minutes.  The second exercise is using 3 pieces, create a collage.

Contemplative healing.
Yet contemplation is not vision because it sees ‘without seeing’ and knows ‘without knowing.’  It is a more profound depth of faith, a knowledge too deep to be grasped in images, in words or even in clear concepts.  It can be suggested by words, by symbols, but in the very moment of trying to indicate what it knows the contemplative mind takes back what it has said, and denies what it has affirmed.  For in contemplation we know by ‘unknowing.’  Or, better, we know beyond all knowing or ‘unknowing.’  Tomas Merton, New Seeds of Contemplation New York: New Directions Book

Contemplation and meditation for healing.  Going into the unknown, into nothingness, nothingness in the sense that I have not created ‘it’ with my mind but instead let go of every thought until, in the darkness of depression and fear I stumble, crawl

into the Supernatural

And there is communion.

Impossible to describe adequately or paint with ‘accuracy’ but in the trying there is a sense of being.

I spent most of the day with my eldest daughter yesterday and she said she enjoyed the day, that I was relaxing to be with.

Only the Great One can heal a past of rage and anguish to peace

can deconstruct and reconstruct

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