Joan of Arc  12″ x 9″ Mixed Media on paper

Attempts to escape one’s beliefs from childhood through good works does not bring about peace, rather, it exacerbates the situation–perpetuates the belief of inadequacy through frustration, through an attempt to control both process and outcomes. 

Looking at life relationships through a lens tinted by experiences of violence in childhood distorts not only the self but the other and experiences in relationships.  Nothing escapes the permeating quality of distortion.  It seeps into everything and only an external force can clear the lens.  Perhaps at first for only brief moments the lens is cleared but just long enough to see with the heart and soul the quality and eternal nature of love.  In that place of knowing, childhood experiences are shaped by compassionate hands of understanding and the tiny flame of love for self is encouraged.

To let go, to surrender to the Eternal Force, to the fullness and completeness of love in this moment, is to be in the vision.