Cesar Millan and Humans

I was feeling exhausted from volunteer work and my girlfriend had gone back up island to her partner.  Knowing that I was back to me, myself and I, loneliness set in.  I knew loneliness was claiming territory, just as it did in childhood.  Rather than attempting to change my feelings, I sat to watch Netflix.  After a couple of TV episodes, I decided I needed something more inspirational.  I’ve been appreciating Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer clips on YouTube. 


I appreciate that Millan says that he must train the humans.  Afterall, what we learn about ourselves and the world is conditioned through experience in childhood.  He said that his father and grandfather taught him that he must go with nature, not against it. 

Understanding the language and behaviour of animals and then relating to them with respect is congruent with ancestral teachings.  Respect is the heart of ancestral law.  So, when we’ve failed, we can dedicate today to those we’ve failed.  Including our pets–and they’re not the least of the living beings that have the ability to inspire us to do better. 

To love more deeply, to give up everything we have to follow the narrow, winding, sometimes overgrown pathway of love is the life truly worth living.