Bone to pick

Lately I had a grad student contact me to ask me to give feedback on their Masters’ proposal.  It was all founded on data that was not proven by reliable research and it was about Indigenous people of North America.  It had been approved by the supervisor.  Having pointed out the error, I was dismissed by the blue eyed supervisor and the blue-eyed student thanked me for the willingness.

In the past I grew tired of the anger in Vine Deloria Jr’s books.  Although I appreciated his courageous steps to reveal discrimination and oppression in academia–the failure of the system to rightfully have Indigenous peoples the leaders in Indigenous issues–his words were true but why SO angry?

And then I found myself entangled in an academic proposal that was everything he’d written about.  There’s nothing like a little first hand experience to see that there really is a bone to pick. 

What we want is the marrow of the bone  

The Soul Retrieving bone