ASK  Mix Media Canson Acid Free 98lb 12×9

When my youngest son injured his knee and could not help with moving my belongings into storage, it became apparent how much my adult children step in to assist me. 

With a feeling of being stranded in a vast ocean without land in sight and overwhelmed, the situation informed me of the need to ask for help.  Sometimes asking for help is simple.  Other times, asking for help seems to prick the toothless troll of unworthiness and there it is emerging from the basement of consciousness.

Once I’d done the deed and asked for help, three gentlemen stepped forward and not only helped with care but also their positive attitude was one of affirmation.  Another friend reminded me of the sacred text, “ask and you shall receive…” 

I’m very grateful to those men who have given me an important lesson about asking–sometimes we can be gifted with much more than what we ask for.

May you find the courage to ask for help when you need it and may the help be more than what you anticipate–may you too be valued by others.